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About Us

Spellbound acts as an extension of your in-house team with creative, development and performance marketing subject matter experts.

We deliver high-performing, solution focused creative, sites, and apps with your business goals as the project DNA.

Spellbound only takes on projects we have the expertise for. This ensures our clients get the highest quality work, every time.

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Spellbound’s team consists of full time project managers, creatives, and developers as well as contractor SME’s that include email, ad tech, technical project management and more.

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Our Secret Brew

Your Business Goals = Our Project DNA

Spellbound starts, manages, and finishes every project with your business KPI in mind. Our team of designers, art directors, and copywriters has an extensive history of delivering bespoke, winning creative.

Experience Across Industries

Spellbound has experience across healthcare and beauty, renewable energy, pharmaceutical / biotech, music, and non-profit organizations.

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We Engage at Every Customer Touchpoint

With a performance marketing foundation, Spellbound’s team has a deep understanding of B2B and B2C buy flows. Our focus is to ensure that engagement with your customer is frictionless and optimized for your business outcome.

Delivery Speed is Critical

Spellbound works with you to deliver projects at the speed you need them.

Communication Options

Slack, text, email, zoom. We’re available when you need us.

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Some of Our Work


Clean Face Company

Design / Dev / PM / Strategy / Email

Skin care and at-home beauty brand, Clean Face Company, makes it easy to get deep-cleaning, revitalizing facials at home with “Aquafacial”.


Ollie Club

Dev / Design

Spellbound Transforms Ollie Club: Powerful Lead Capture Landing Page and Compelling Marketing Communications to Propel Success