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man holding smoothie with nutribullet blender on table


PM / UX / UI

nutribullet is a globally recognized brand – manufacturing everything from blenders, to small personal appliances and consumables.

Image of a large monitor in an office with the magic bullet Homepage.Image of an iPhone with the nutribullet supplement website.

Spellbound partners with Capital Brands to manage and optimize 100+ SKU’s across PLPs, PDPs, and thousands of product related recipes.


In Feb 2020, nutribullet was 4 weeks out from launching a new line of supplements, but had no PDP design to accommodate the new products and their requirements – multiple sizes, flavors, subscription tiers, etc. – nor was there a defined design system or release process for product releases.


Spellbound ensured the supplements were launched on time and to newly defined standards. Over a year later, our partnership has continued and Spellbound now manages the day to day UX, design, and development of

Close up of blender blades.
Image of the original magic bullet blender website.
Image of the nutribullet homepage.
Image of the original magic bullet blender website.

nutribullet Partnership Highlights

• 18 products launched
• Complete UX overhaul including new templates for all PDP’s, Category pages and future-proofed navigation.
• Defined and implemented standards for all product launches, including ADA compliance and SEO standards.