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Johnson & Johnson Vision

PM / UX Design

Johnson & Johnson Vision works with eye care professionals to connect cutting-edge insights, science, and technology to solve a lifetime of eye health needs.

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Spellbound designed nearly 1000 screens for JJV including landing pages, product upsells, an iOS app prototype and a launch ready e-comm experience.


At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Johnson & Johnson Vision needed to beat a competitor to market for a contact lens e-commerce store. However, internal resources quoted a multi-year timeline to define, design, and build an online marketplace for their premiere contact brand Acuvue.


Spellbound led the project management and design for a Shopify store that complied with J&J’s strict regulatory requirements, accommodated 16,000 SKUs and was consumer ready in just 5 weeks.

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iOS App Prototype

Based on customer requests, Spellbound designed a complete patient-facing subscription focused iOS app that included in-app purchases, provider selection, appointment management, and a loyalty program concept.

Image of MyACUVUE webpage.
Image of MYACUVUE Your Purchase Options webpage.