Yellow rays, stars and specks in space.
Image of two men wearing animal masks on a white background.

The Sound of Animals Fighting

Design / Dev / Video

The Sound of Animals Fighting is an American rock supergroup who released a trilogy of records between 2004 and 2008.

Image of a white long sleeve tshirt on a white background.Image of a wooden desk with, poster, plant, lamp, camera and laptop.

TSOAF and Spellbound team members have been collaborators for nearly two decades of creative output.


Indie supergroup “The Sound of Animals Fighting” was embarking on their first tour in five years and was in need of a refreshed aesthetic that matched the bands’ mysterious persona but effectively communicated the new tour plans. Spellbound reshot the band’s 2004 promo shots in a new color-way, using the same model and wardrobe, and developed a wide range of assets from social announcements, paid media, on-tour video footage, merchandise and more – owning the bands creative output end to end.

Image of eight men in an alley wearing coats.
Image of two black long sleeve tshirts on white background.
Image of a white tshirt and a lanyard pass on white background.