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Ollie Club

Dev / Design

Spellbound Transforms Ollie Club: Powerful Lead Capture Landing Page and Compelling Marketing Communications to Propel Success


“Good Food” Movement platform inspires children to learn and love about new tastes and healthy living.


Spellbound led a transformative operation for Ollie Club, taking charge of designing and developing segment-focused lead-capture landing pages and cohesive marketing communications. Crafting landing pages tailored to different target audiences, Spellbound optimized their efficacy in capturing potential customers' interest and insightful data. In addition to the segment specific landing pages, Spellbound's creative expertise extended to creating compelling marketing communications for Ollie Club. This enabled the brand to effectively convey value propositions to the right audiences through various channels. The collaboration with Spellbound resulted in a unified brand experience, powerful lead generation capabilities, and enhanced customer engagement.

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