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Farmhouse Delivery

Dev / Design / PM

Farmhouse Delivery brings produce, meat, groceries, meal kits and more, sourced from Texas farmers and purveyors all to your doorstep since 2009


Sustainable Produce and Grocery Delivery Platform Gets Enhancements + UX Audit


Spellbound partnered with Farmhouse - a community supported agriculture and sustainable farming produce and local goods subscription company - to enhance their existing delivery platform, streamline internal processes and improve overall user experience. Farmhouse utilizes a legacy and niche delivery platform that lacked much desired e-commerce functionality. Spellbound worked closely with the Farmhouse team to develop innovative workarounds and implemented previously unavailable customized templates to the restrictive email deployment system. Spellbound completed the partnership by conducting a comprehensive UX audit to identify areas of improvement, through the lens of ROI and overall lift of AOV.