Yellow rays, stars and specks in space.
Image of a solar panel field in the middle of a forest.

Cypress Creek Renewables

Design / PM / Dev

Cypress Creek Renewables is an integrated solar and storage company that develops and owns projects as well as offering robust Asset Management and O&M services for renewable assets nationwide.

Image of a laptop opened on website on a cement surface.Image of a iPad opened on Cypress Creek webpage.

Cypress Creek Renewables continually empowered Spellbound to do the best possible work and thus produce the best quality output for the business and its clients.


Spellbound’s core team was the AOR for Cypress Creek Renewables, serving as the Creative Director and in-house marketing team. During our 4+ year collaboration we developed a new website from concept through production, produced countless photo and video shoots, shepherded the creation of bespoke physical goods, and supported 600+ employees across eight departments with apparel, software tools and b2b and b2c collateral.

Image of rows of solar panel.

Cypress Creek + Give Power